Bussines Model Definition by Henry Chesbrough

Wo wir gerade bei der begrifflichen Festlegung sind, folgt eine etwas breiter formulierte Definition von Chesbrough, 2006: Open Business Models: How to Thrive in the New Innovation Landscape.

“At its heart, a business model performs two important functions: value creation and value capture. First, it defines a series of activities that will yield a new product or service in such way that there is net value created throughout the various activities. Second, it captures value from a portion of those activities for the firm developing tho model.” (S. 108)

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Business Model Definition by Business Model Community

Eine mehr oder weniger ‘offizielle’ Definition von Geschäftsmodellen (BM) liefert die Business Model Community. Der internationale Think Tank vernetzt Forscher und Praktiker, bündelt entsprechende Termine und relevante Informationen.

“In a basic sense, the business model is about how a company organizes to generate revenue and sustain itself. It draws on a multitude of subjects including entrepreneurship, strategy, organization, finance, marketing and operations management. In a more developed approach, business models are the choices (in terms of resources and competences to be marketed, offer, and internal and external organization) of a firm to generate revenues.”

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