How to Kill Business Innovation: Ask, Ask and Make Sure!

Well, I understood this quite early: Negative answers DO destroy creativity, motivation and fun – it kills discussions and ideas right away! For that reason I started to carry a tiny bell with me ringing away negative answers. No chance with me… This helped a lot, made discussions more fruitful and my life easier! Try it.

Instead I love questions. By asking and asking over again I understand every detail, get hidden insights and navigate my peers to new ways of thinking. GREAT IN EVERY RESPECT, I thought,  since I’ve read this article by Scott Anthony on killing innovations by asking questions (Harvard Business Review).

The story in a nutshell: Innovation has – by definition – something to do with new, never-seen-before, uncertainty and risk. You invest into something that may (or may not) generate X revenue. No one knows nothing about the outcome, so people and firms (especially large resource-rich companies) try to reduce risk by researching every possible scenario. They ask questions What about…? Even if one could find an answer they keep on asking further questions What about…? What about…? This kills innovation! The future can’t be analytically derived.

Luckily, entrepreneurs don’t have any resources to research thousands of What about-Loops – they just do it. With a lucky hand, they change the rules and create groundbreaking ideas! Of course one should always think and reflect new ideas from different perspectives – but keep the right balance!

Link to the full-length article here.

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