Crispin Porter + Bogusky heading to the right direction

Crispin Porter + Bogusky creatives Matthew Ryan and Tim Geoghegan started a series of underclothes to protest against the new search procedures of the TSA – the corresponding German buzzword is “Nacktscanner”. What you get is a basic underwear with a metallic-ink printed version of the 4th amendment. Once you pass one of the new X-Rays, the print gets visible to the officer who checks the screen.

Check out their cargo-website:
and their Etsy-Shop:

Although it’s not quite clear who did what, with which intention. You can draw some consequences for the advertising industry:

  1. Create smart new ways to demonstrate your creativity. In this case Crispin Porter + Bogusky observed the public opinion and founded a clothing label to give people the chance to express their thoughts in a creative and smart way. This in turn generates a huge amount of media coverage.
  2. Expand your business beyond traditional borders. Although it is clear that neither CP+B nor Matthew and Tim did earn a fortune on this idea (168 sales so far – 10/12/07) but it shows, that good products and services based on latent needs and marketed the right way and the right time, can generate additional profit and reduce dependencies.
  3. Explore new markets and opportunities. It’s never been easier to bring ideas to reality and to get production and distribution organized without any additional staff. Use this infrastructure and build/invest in your own brands.

Edit: Just checked their etsy-store – only 18 feedbacks and ONLY 28% positive. They opened up a new store here. Customers say it’s because of their negative feedback. This is a shame – late shipping, wrong articles, no service… Looks like creatives need to take things more serious, when they get their teeth into new industries.

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