Anomaly: Prototyping the Future of Ad Agencies

Besides all subjective likes and dislikes of an advertising agency one accumulates over time, there are some hard facts that can not be discussed. Anomaly for instance pushes the traditional model to the next level: Anomaly has no fix contracts – they believe in participation in profits. They believe in win-win situations. According to my research there are some agencies that have tried to do so but failed.

Instead of sticking some boring ads on the tables of Virgin’s airplanes, they equipped the crew with nice and eye-catching luggage designed by Burton. Now, they profit from every piece that is sold by Burton. This is win-win-win.
Another example is a joint venture with famous chef Eric Ripert, who has got his own TV show and a promotion-line of kitchen equipment. Again Anomaly only profits, if the show works and the merchandise collection is attracting customers. Win-win.

How does Anomaly achieve good results that, in fact, keep the agency alive? In times of media and advertising over-exposure, they believe in conversations – conversations on brands and products. Anomaly tries to make a brand worth to talk about. In order to achieve these high goals, Anomaly is not focused on any specific media. They are ‘independent’…

Homepage: Anomaly
Interview with Johnny Vulkan (English): agencyfuture
Another interview with Johnny Vulkan (German): brandeins

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